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Security Strategy

We provide a service environment where you can use our products more safely by building a safe system that conforms to global standards and complying with privacy regulations. In addition, through continuous monitoring using internal and external resources, we proactively respond to threats by recognizing them, and promptly respond to unexpected issues to minimize damage.

Infrastructure Asset Visualization

To obtain the entire topology map, we identify and structure the information of all company infrastructure assets, such as each equipment (or system)'s purpose, connectivity, protocol, etc. We can make threats that are hidden (or missing) to minimize by all infrastructure assets visualization.

Continuous software updates

We regularly monitor vulnerabilities disclosed through the following sites and continuously distribute software that compensates for vulnerabilities. In addition, update files are distributed in real time through OTA so that service users can always keep the latest software.

・CVE (
・CWE (
・JVN (

Data encryption

and access restriction

We always encrypt and store all our data. And We are strictly restrict accessible routes, person in charge, programs to prevent data leakage or abuse in advance. In addition, when data is leaked, it is immediately reported to the top manager, and the history of data access is carefully managed so that the scope, route, and cause of the leaked data can be identified and immediate follow-up measures.

Real-time threat detection

We monitors external and internal threats in real time to quickly detect external intrusions or abnormal behavior of internal systems. With real-time monitoring, we are ready to respond immediately to threats.

System segmentation

By separating the internal and external networks and building a system that can manage the system by division, when a cyber attack or intrusion from the outside occurs, We can block only the specific part where the problem occurred to immediately prevent the spread of additional damage and minimize the failure that disrupts the entire system operation.

Integrated SOC

(System Operation Center)

In the future, we will build an SOC that can analyze and manage security events of all infrastructures faster and more entirely so that we can efficiently manage our system infrastructure which is getting bigger with fewer people, and provide more stable services


Public Reporting System


We always welcome to get reports of security vulnerabilities or bugs. 

Our contact point is always opened for you.

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